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MEI TravelOne of the first steps in planning any cruise vacation is booking the perfect stateroom. While budget is often a major factor when choosing a cabin, it also comes down to personal preference. Where do you want to return to when relaxing between activities? Do you mind less space for a lower price, or do you have to have a balcony?
Whether you are trying to maximize your budget by sailing in an interior room or looking to splurge on a suite, Celebrity Cruises has cabins for every type of traveler, including Single, Interior, Ocean View, and Veranda staterooms, as well as Concierge Class and AquaClass staterooms, and the renowned and luxurious Retreat suites.  
Regardless of what cabin category you end up choosing, all standard staterooms can fit between 2-4 guests and contain the same basic amenities:
Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the staterooms available on Celebrity cruise ships. 
Studio suites are usually hard to come by in the cruising industry. However, solo cabins are available on six of Celebrity’s ships: Celebrity Apex, Ascent, Beyond, Edge, and Silhouette. 
On Edge Class ships, solo cruisers will be pleased to find that they offer Infinite Veranda staterooms. Each room is 131 square feet with an additional 42 square feet of space on the veranda. 
Celebrity Beyond has 16 solo cabins, Apex has 24, and Beyond has 32. When Celebrity Ascent launches in December 2023, she, too, will have 32 staterooms dedicated to solo travelers. 
The only other ship in Celebrity’s fleet to feature solo cabins is Celebrity Silhouette. Onboard, there are only four interior cabins for single travelers, each a mere 103 square feet. Despite the limited space, these are a great option for those traveling alone, as they prevent guests from being subject to the dreaded double occupancy fares.  
Due to their limited availability, studio staterooms tend to get booked quickly. 
Interior staterooms are perfect for those who are on a budget or planning to spend the majority of their time onboard exploring the ships and ports of call.  
They are outfitted with the same basis amenities as other standard cabins; however, they lack any access to natural light and are often the smallest accommodations onboard. 
Inside cabins on Celebrity cruise ships range from 170 to 202 square feet. Despite their size, there’s plenty of storage available. On select ships, you may choose a standard or deluxe interior cabin. Deluxe rooms tend to be about 20 square feet larger, and these rooms usually have an additional seating area. 
Ocean view staterooms are often more spacious than interior ones and include an exterior-facing window. While you won’t be able to open the window and enjoy the fresh ocean air from the comfort of your cabin, you will have access to natural light and passing scenery.
In terms of cost, they are more expensive than interior cabins but less than verandas. If you value space and natural light, the additional cost may be worth it to you. On the other hand, you may appreciate saving money and booking an ocean view stateroom rather than a balcony, especially if you don’t plan on spending much time in your cabin. 
They range from 170 to 242 square feet are are usually located on lower decks or at the forward and aft of the ship on higher decks. Some may even be at the very front of the ship and have an angled picture window looking out over the bow of the ship. 
Some ships have both standard and deluxe ocean view cabins. Like deluxe interior rooms, these tend to be larger than standard ocean view rooms. On Edge Class ships, the difference is about 40 square feet!
The demand for balcony cabins has increased throughout the years, and as a result, newer ships tend to feature fewer ocean view cabins than older ones. 
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Panoramic Ocean View cabins are available on Edge Class ships and are similar to Infinite Verandas in that there’s a large, exterior-facing floor-to-ceiling picture window; however, Panoramic Ocean View rooms do not come with bi-fold doors or the ability to raise and lower the top half of the window. But you get sweeping views of the ocean and the ever-changing scenery!
These staterooms are located midship or forward on lower decks and are 212 square feet. 
You’ll pay a premium for veranda staterooms since they have their own private oceanfront balconies that come with ample indoor and outdoor space, but nothing beats waking up and enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the sunrise from the comfort of your stateroom. 
They are one of the most popular cabin categories; however, one way to save money on a veranda cabin is to choose one that’s located in the forward and aft of the ship or one that has an obstructed view. Staterooms located in prime locations with picture perfect views are going to cost more than those located further away from popular venues or that have a partial view. 
Sunset Veranda staterooms are located in the aft of the ship and provide wake views. 
Each balcony comes with additional seating, usually consisting of two chairs and a small table, and the indoor space ranges from 150 to 228 square feet, while the balconies can be anywhere from 38 to 89 square feet.
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On Edge Class ships, you may opt to book a Deluxe Porthole View with Veranda stateroom. Unlike traditional veranda cabins, these are partially enclosed — like an alcove — by the ship’s exterior resulting in a slightly obstructed view. Some even have a view of the bulky window washing equipment, and the outdoor space is smaller than regular balconies.
However, they are great options for those wanting an actual balcony to step outside on, as the Edge Class’ Infinite Verandas are designed in a way that doesn’t allow guests to do so.
Infinite veranda staterooms are available exclusively on Edge Class ships: Celebrity Edge, Apex, Beyond, and (in late 2023) Ascent. 
According to Celebrity’s website, they are 23% larger than the award-winning Solstice Class veranda staterooms and feature the latest in design and technology. 
Folding doors separate the balcony portion of the cabin from the living space, and you can opt to leave these open at all times. You never truly step outside, though. With the single push of a button, you can control whether the window at the end of the room (aka the balcony) is raised or lowered. 
Like regular balcony cabins, you will have additional seating located on the veranda to soak up ocean views. 
Concierge Class staterooms are veranda cabins that come with additional benefits meant to enhance your vacation experience, such as a dedicated team of professionals who are able to assist with all of your vacation needs, exclusive welcome lunch, and destination seminars. 
You also receive a Celebrity embossed key holder, sparkling wine upon request, use of binoculars and umbrellas, main and specialty restaurant seating time preferences, daily delectable delights, and complimentary shoeshine services. 
There are three different series of Concierge Class rooms depending on what class of ship you book:
Celebrity Cruises’ AquaClass staterooms are for those who are seeking a fully immersive wellness experience. Like Concierge Class staterooms, AquaClass rooms are verandas that come with added benefits. 
Not only do you receive upgraded stateroom amenities, like shower toiletries with eco-friendly natural ingredients and daily in-room bottled water service, but you can dine in an exclusive restaurant that focuses on clean, healthy cuisine: Blu. 
Additionally, you will have unlimited access to the spa’s SEA Thermal Suite on Edge Class ships or Persian Garden on Millennium and Solstice Class ships, spa concierge, a fitness pass, preferential rates on AquaClass spa packages, healthy room service menu options, and a yoga mat. 
AquaClass staterooms on Millennium Class ships range from 233 to 271 square feet with private balconies anywhere from 42 to 62 square feet. On Solstice Class vessels, they are 246 square feet with a private 54 square foot balcony. Finally, Edge Class AquaClass cabins are 243 square feet with a private 42 square foot balcony. 
Those looking to splurge on a lavish cabin and upgraded cruise experience should consider a suite on their next Celebrity cruise. 
Suites onboard Celebrity cruise ships range from 254 square feet studio Sky Suites to the luxurious 1,892 square foot Iconic Suites on Edge Class ships. The most luxurious include private terraces that are over 500 square feet and come with private hot tubs!
There are even Aqua Sky Suites that combine all the benefits of AquaClass staterooms with the exclusive spaces, services, and amenities of suites.
No matter what suite you book, you’ll gain access to The Retreat, which encompasses an exclusive restaurant, dedicated lounge, and a private sundeck on select ships. Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Eclipse, Celebrity Infinity, Celebrity Reflection, and Celebrity Solstice do not feature a Retreat sundeck. 
Luminae is the elegant dining option for suite guests and is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each menu is crafted by a Michelin-starred chef, and you will not find them available anywhere else on the ship. Note, though, this is not an adults-only venue. All guests, including children, staying in a suite are able to dine at Luminae. 
The Retreat Lounge, or Michael’s Club on non-revolutionized ships, serves complimentary beverages and gourmet bites, including afternoon tea. It is also where you will find the dedicated concierge who can assist with dinner reservations, spa treatments, shore excursions, and more. 
All suites come with premium drinks and Wi-Fi, included gratuities, and onboard credit, as well as numerous other benefits that create a luxurious vacation experience: 
Some of the higher-tiered suites — including Royal Suites, Edge Villas, Penthouse Suites, Iconic Suites — come with additional perks:
Iconic Suites even include an in-room Peloton! You must ask your personal Retreat Concierge for it, though. 
Celebrity Cruises offers accessible staterooms in just about every category, from interior, to infinite veranda, and even AquaClass rooms. 
These staterooms are designed with wider doors, roll-in showers, grab bars, lower sinks and vanities, higher toilets, and ramped thresholds. Plus, most accessible staterooms offer a five-foot turning radius.
Upon request, a portable room kit is available to help those with visual and hearing impairments. The kit includes a visual-tactile alert system that provides alerts for door knocking, a ringing telephone or alarm clock, and smoke detector. 
Unfortunately, there are no accessible solo studio staterooms. 
The category of stateroom you book corresponds directly with the total number of Captain’s Club loyalty points you will earn for that specific sailing:
If you booked a 7-night cruise in a Veranda stateroom, you would get a total of 21 club points upon completion of the sailing. If, however, you decided to splurge and sail in a Penthouse, you’d earn about 6x more points, or a total of 126 club points for a 7-night cruise.
Celebrity Cruises currently has three ships — Celebrity Xpedition, Celebrity Xploration, and Celebrity Flora — that sail to the Galapagos Islands. Since these vessels are much smaller than traditional cruise ships, the have a different set of accommodation options. 
Celebrity Flora is the cruise line’s newest expedition ship and is comprised of 6 different suite options with a total of 50 cabins: Sky Suite with Veranda, Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda, Premium Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda, Ultimate Sky Suite with Infinite Veranda, Royal Suite, and the Penthouse Suite. 
The smallest cabin, the Sky Suite with Veranda, is 330 square feet, including a private 84 square foot balcony. The Penthouse Suite is almost 4x as large, coming in at 1,288 square feet. 
Despite being an all-suite ship, it does not contain The Retreat; however, all guests recieve the following in-room and shipwide amenities:
Celebrity Xpedition is the oldest ship in the cruise line’s expedition series and can only accomodate 48 passengers in 24 cabins. Passengers can choose from 5 different categories of staterooms, ranging from Premium staterooms (similar to an ocean view), to Xpedition Suites, and, finally, their infamous Penthouse Suites.
Like the Celebrity Flora, there is no The Retreat onboard, but guests saying in a Royal or Penthouse Suite can  expect additional amenities to enhance their destination-focused cruise vacation:
With the ability to carry only 16 guests in 8 staterooms, Celebrity Xploration is the smallest ship in the expedition series. There are only two stateroom categories to choose from: Junior Suite or Elite Ocean View. As implied by the names, Elite Ocean View staterooms do not have a private balcony for guests to use. 
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