Auto Loans Piling Up With More Buyers $10,000 Underwater – Bloomberg

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David Westin speaks with top names in finance about the week’s biggest issues on Wall Street.
Bloomberg View columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.
Shoe designer and creative Salehe Bembury takes us on a journey from his childhood growing up in Manhattan, to an invaluable degree in industrial design, to working with some of the biggest names in fashion…before breaking off to make his own name. We see how Bembury is able to walk the line of business convention while taking his art to new heights, turning ordinary items into extraordinary footwear. Follow along as he lays out the blueprint for his career, and takes us all the way from his first sketch to his thriving personal brand, Spunge.
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Chris Martin knew he needed a bigger car as the birth of his fourth child approached, but he and his wife were already $14,000 underwater on their two vehicles.
So the couple proposed an unusual two-for-one deal with an Atlanta-area auto dealer in 2020: trading in both of their vehicles so they could afford a three-row Ford Explorer. Their total loan after factoring in negative equity, a service contract, fees and other costs ballooned to $66,000 on the $49,000 Explorer.


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