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A suspect has been nabbed for knifing his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend to death during a Queens clash over a $20 loan, police said Tuesday.
Semair Taylor was arrested Monday for the Feb. 27 murder of young dad Michael Izquierdo, cops said. Taylor has one prior arrest, for misdemeanor assault in Brooklyn in 2018, police said.
The 25-year-old victim, who lived in Bedford-Stuyvesant, drove with his girlfriend to 97th Ave. and 98th St. in Ozone Park to meet Taylor, who wanted the 20 bucks his ex owed him, police said.
Izquierdo confronted Taylor, also 25, on his girlfriend’s behalf and the two men argued before the victim was stabbed in the rib cage.
The killer fled and Izquierdo drove off in his Outback SUV, leaving his girlfriend at the scene, cops said.
He drove just a few blocks before collapsing behind the wheel at Woodhaven Blvd. and Atlantic Ave.
During the ride he called a friend and told him he was stabbed. The friend called 911 and police responded to the scene.
The victim was rushed by medics to Jamaica Hospital.
The girlfriend, meanwhile, went to the 106th Precinct stationhouse to report what happened. Police quickly honed in on Taylor, who lives less than a mile from the crime scene.
Izquierdo was initially in stable condition but he worsened over the next few hours and died early the next day, police said.
Anthony Lojano, Izquierdo’s stepfather went Jamaica Hospital to visit and realized his stepson had taken a turn for the worse.
“When I ask the nurse, ask for Mike Izquierdo, she looked and then she just walked away,” Lojano, 40, told The News shortly after Izquierdo’s death.
Izquierdo’s mother has been wracked with grief since her only son’s death, he said.
“Sometimes she’s crying,” he said. “You can’t imagine this.”
Izquierdo’s aunt, Luz Vallejo, lives in Spain but raced up to New York after learning about her nephew’s death.
Vallejo left New York when Izquierdo was 12 or 13 but after talking with his friends she wishes she had gotten more time to get to know her sister’s child.
“I was extremely surprised hearing his friends talk about him,” Vallejo, 49, said. “Just listening to the stories, seeing the pages on Instagram (about) how much they loved him. It just sort of goes to show you that he was an excellent kid.”
Izquierdo had a 3-year-old daughter, Vallejo said.
“She’s very smart for age,” she said of the tot. “I find amazing how quickly she’s learned and how much she knows. (He was) extremely lovable to his daughter.”
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