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Even though BIGBANG hasn’t had any official activities since 2017, their influence is still so strong that both old and new idols are still inspired by them. From idols to singers, hip-hop artists, actors and artists, trot singers, TV personalities, and more, BIGBANG is highly respected by everyone in every field.

See the celebrities who chose BIGBANG as their role models, said they’re inspired by them, praised and mentioned them since 2019!

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-DAY6 Jae: “G-Dragon’s energy is different. I just wanna show you who my generation, the generation that I was in Kpop, who they learned and saw from. It’s aura. Exactly, it’s the aura. It’s the fact that he can control the whole audience. They’re both (GD and Taeyang) extremely talented, extremely good, but they are different. Everyone can say what they want but you can’t tell me that these guys can’t work a stage. Like half of the world learned from these guys. They’re role models.”

-ATEEZ’s Yunho: (talked about his inspiration to be a performer) “I really like BIGBANG sunbaenim and Rain sunbaenim. They motivated me a lot and made me dream.”

305.ATEEZ’s Wooyoung: “I mostly look at videos of our seniors like Jimin , Taeyang , Hoshi.. there’s so many. I get inspiration from them and make it my own on stage.”

-foreign celebrities-
[Q.Did you have an ideal band image] “It’s not a band but I wanted to form a band like BIGBANG. Each member’s character stands out and their faces are recognizable. I want us to be a band that everyone knows the members’ faces.”

307.ADDICTION Joshua: [Q. Are there any artists that inspired you to do this job?] “The reason was that I wanted to see BIGBANG’s live, sing, dance and perform on the stage together.”

308.AF8 Ton (Thanasit Jaturaput): “BIGBANG is the best. I’m a fan of BIGBANG. ”
“I want to see BIGBANG.”

309.Afgan (Afgansyah Reza): [Q. Favorite artist?] “BIGBANG!”

310.Anh Tu: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his FB] “‘Still Life’ Shedding Tears”

311.Aina Abdul: “The one group I really really like is BIGBANG. I’m a forever VIP.”

312.Airi Furuta: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG] “😭😭😭✨”

313.Alphiandi: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG] “He (Taeyang) looks like one of the 4th generation kids!! Looks very young.”

314.Audi Marissa [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

315.Ayaka Hironaka: [Q. What made you fall in love with South Korea?] “I fell in love with BIGBANG when I was in college.”

316.BALLISTIK BOYZ Ryusei: [Q. The person who has a big influence on you?] “G-Dragon. I respect him and he’s an artist.I think his name, his performance, his casual photos are all art. The way he spends his days is cool..”
“I like G-Dragon, and I really watch his fashion. I like the fact that he remakes high-brand items by himself and change anything into his own.”

317.Baz Luhrmann: “In Korea the OG of K-Pop, the ‘King of K-pop’ really is G-Dragon.”

318.BE:FIRST Ryoki: [Q. The artist you admire and who’s your role model?] “BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON. My favorite song is Crooked.”
[Q. Who do you want to meet the most?] “BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. As an artist, he really has great sensibility, so I’d like to meet him and find out what he’s thinking about. I also want to talk about fashion.”
[Q.The boy group you look up to?]”When we became BE:FIRST, we thought we could be like BIGBANG.”

319.BE:FIRST Ryuhei: [Q.The song of your fate?] “BIGBANG’s Bang Bang Bang.This is the song that made me want to be in a boy group.When I 1st heard it, I thought it was beyond cool!”
[Q. Influenced by?] “Daichi Miura & BIGBANG.”
[Q. Who inspired you to be a singer?] “When I was in elementary school, BIGBANG, whom I admired, was the reason why I thought a boy group would be good.”

320.BE:FIRST Shimao Sota: [Q. Role model?]”BIGBANG T.O.P. and Bruno Mars.”
[Q.The boy group you look up to?] “If it’s a group, it’s BIGBANG. The more I think about the future of BE:FIRST, the more I think about the explosiveness of their individuality. They are so cool.”

321.Bever Patsapon Jansuppakitkun: [Q. Favorite star] “G-Dragon”

322.Biu (Build Jakapan): [Q. If you get a chance to spend 1 day with your favorite idol, who will it be & why?] “G-Dragon.. Daddy! A few days ago I had a dream of GD. I was walking in a park and he was sitting there.. And then I went to greet him..I felt happy in that dream.”
“After G-Dragon’s concert, I waited for him at the send-off spot for 3 hours. When he showed up, I shouted, ‘I love you so much.’ I really love him. It’s exciting. I feel closer to him, knowing that I stood where he stood and performed where he did.”

323.BOOM TRIGGER Okano Kaito: [Q. Which member has the best fashion sense?] “Each of us has a different feeling. I like unusual things. I’m too influenced by BIGBANG.”

324.BUGVEL Mahiro: [Q. What made you want to become an idol?] “Watching BIGBANG concert. I thought I wanted to be on such stage.”

325.BULLET TRAIN Takuya: “I entered this entertainment world with a longing for BIGBANG.”

326.BXW Hayakawa Daisuke: [Q. Is there someone you admire, someone you want to be like in the future?] “I want to be an idol and a person whose fashion is also noticed like Jiyong of BIGBANG.”

327.Cai XuKun: “GD is a singer I like very much. If he can go in his direction, it will be amazing.”

328.Captain Chonlathorn Kongyingyong: [Favorite artist] “Mario Maurer, G-Dragon, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Charlie Puth.”
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

329.Chanmina: “The reason why I produce everything myself is that I’ve always admired G-Dragon. I found out that he does everything himself. He writes lyrics, composes music, choreographs and even chooses his own outfits.”
“I got influenced by BIGBANG a lot.”
“When I was in the second grade, I heard the hit song ‘Haru Haru’ by BIGBANG. I became fascinated by their style of music and began to learn hip-hop.”

330.CHEEKY PARADE Yuna Sekine: [Q.Favorite artist?] “SNSD, BIGBANG.”

331.CHEEKY PARADE Yuriya Suzuki: [Q. Favorite artist?] “BIGBANG.”

332.Chen Zhe Yuan: [Q. What would you say if the people on the street tell you that you look like Chen Zhe Yuan?] “Sorry, I’m Kwon Jiyong.”

333.Chris Peppler: “It’s been a long time since I saw BIGBANG for the first time, and I was quite taken aback. After all, men aren’t really into boy groups, are they? But when I saw them, I was like, ‘These guys are amazing.’ I really got the sense that these guys do every stage with their hearts.”

334.Copter Panuwat Kerdthongtavee [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

335.Cui Shao Peng: “My favorite group is BIGBANG, and my role model is G-Dragon. I chose to be an idol because of him.”
[Q. Is G-Dragon your role model?] “Yes. Kwon Jiyong.. G-Dragon is my role model.”

336.Danny Kim: “I love BIGBANG. They are the OG of K-Pop and stated the whole K-Pop movement.”

337.Dao N. (Simasthien): [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG] “This made me cry”

338.Dec Ao: “I idolize G-Dragon, Eminem. 1st G-Dragon, then Eminem, A$AP Rocky. They are talented in music and have a certain influence in the fashion field. Like G-Dragon, he became a global fashion icon because of his influence.”

339.DEEP SQUAD Higa Suzuki: “I listen to various genres, but my favorite group is BIGBANG.”

340.Dieu Nhi [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG twice] “How will I sleep tonight”
“Brothers, sisters, come on”

341.Dome Woranart Ratthanaphast
[The article states:] “He enjoys listening to BIGBANG.”

342.Doul: “I started listening to K-POP a lot because of BIGBANG, SUPER JUNIOR, and TVXQ.”

343.edhiii boi: “I started dancing&rapping because of BIGBANG. When I was in the 1st grade, I saw BIGBANG on YouTube and thought it was cool, and I wanted to be like them, so I started learning how to dance! Then I imitated BIGBANG’s rap.”

344.eill: [Q.Which artist made you realize the presence of K-Pop in Japan?] “I learned about K-POP when BIGBANG, 2NE1, and KARA have become popular.”

345.ENJIN Miyazato Sol: [Q. Your inspiration?] “Speaking of what I thought was cool, BIGBANG was the first one I saw when I was in middle school! I thought G-DRAGON’s flashy style was cool.”
“The person who I always think ‘cool’ or ‘I want to be like him’ is BIGBANG G-Dragon! His star quality on stage, performance, sense of music, atmosphere, unique view of the world! Everything is cool!”
[Do you have a favorite?] “G-Dragon.”

[Chinese group ESO is kind of a cosplay group and they officially debuted on August 2022 and appeared on TV shows. Each member impersonates a Chinese celebrity. There is only 1 foreign celebrity impersonation among them, and that’s G-Dragon!]

347.Evan Yo (Tsai Min-you)
[Named BIGBANG as one of his favorite celebrities]

348.Fiat Patchata Janngeon: “OMG!!!! BIGBANG COMEBACK😍😍😍😍”
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

349.FRUIT ZIPPER Nakawaga: (Amane): “Nakagawa likes BIGBANG so much, so when you play their songs, she comes back to life.”

350.Fujii Kaze: [sang BIGBANG’s Bad Boy] “Bad Boy by BIGBANG. I fell in love with this song since I heard it for the first time, back in 2012. You can see (hear) that inspiration in my song ‘Shinunoga E-wa’ as well.” (‘Shinunoga E-wa’ is his song that went viral in Japan]

351.GENJIBU Okura: [Q.What made you want to become a singer?] “I like singing but the first thing I wanted to try was rapping. It was the first time I wanted to rap in a song. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon made me think that way. It was a shock when I heard ‘Fantastic Baby.’ My father likes BIGBANG. ”
“I like singing but the first thing I wanted to try was rapping. It was the first time I wanted to rap in a song. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon made me think that way. It was a shock when I heard ‘Fantastic Baby.'”

352.Glaiza de Castro [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG]
[Impersonated G-Dragon in Fantastic Baby era]

“Literally G-Dragon is an icon and a god, one of my biggest influences to be honest. Underrated for his contributions to art, T.O.P. too.”

354.Gokou Kuyt: “When I saw BIGBANG on TV, I thought they’re cool but after watching their videos, I gradually started liking them. I think I just fell in love with them. That’s the first time I really liked an artist.I thought their songs were really good. So I fell in love with them. I saw a documentary about G-Dragon making music. It’s amazing that he’s the leader, the frontman,&the producer. Until then, I used to think that idols were produced by adults, but it’s amazing that they’re doing what they want to do.”

355.Hang Wang [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

356.Hayato Isomura: “I’ve watched their concert before, and I think artists who get men exciting are wonderful. I still like BIGBANG so much that I always listen to them.”

357.Hayato Kawasaki: [Q. Reason why you fell in love with fashion?] “BIGBANG G-Dragon, who is 1 of the coolest men in the world and 1 of my favorite men, is a big reason for me. I’ve liked him since I was little and always wanted to dress like him.”

358.Hiroki Takayama: [Q. The person you admire?] “Ever since I was in the 5th, I’ve admired G-Dragon. I think G-Dragon is a first-class artis. I really want to become like him and I want to shine in the world of the first-class.”
[Q.Your fashion roots?] “When I was in the 5th grade, I watched BIGBANG’s MV, all the costumes I had never seen before. I still haven’t gotten over the shock.”

359.HIT-5 Gao Yu (Kido) [His favorite artists on NetEase music profile] “TVXQ Yunho, Usher. Justin Timberlake, Zhang Youhe, BIGBANG Taeyang”

360.HIT-5 Yang Fan [His favorite artists on NetEase music profile] “Yan Aaron, TVXQ Yunho. BIGBANG Taeyang and GD, Lin Youjia, Eason Chan”

361.Hiyama Kazuhiro: “My hyung was a big fan of BIGBANG seniors, and at that time I also got into K-POP.”

362.ICD: “When I was in middle school, it was normal to like KPOP. Like many people I fell in love with BIGBANG at that time. They were so stylish, so special and they do hip-hop music. That’s why I chose BIGBANG. My favorite idol is definitely G-Dragon.”

363.Ikema Ruan: “I’ve been listening to Girls’ Generation, KARA, and BIGBANG since I was little, so they are always stuck in my ears.”

364.J.Zen (Zhu Xing Jie): [Q.Role model]”Michael Jackson and BIGBANG” (*)

365.James Reid: [Q.What kind of K-pop do you listen to?] “I first started with G-Dragon and T.O.P from BIGBANG. That was before they blew up worldwide. I saw them perform when they came to the Philippines.”

366.Jestinna Kuan: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG] “😢✨”

367.JJ Lin: “G-Dragon is very handsome, stylish and cool but he’s extremely humble.”

368.JO1 Kawashiri Ren: “The reason why I do vocal training is that I watched K-Pop artist BIGBANG. I watched them on TV and DVDs. I like dancing since elementary school but I wanted to sing after seeing them. ”
“When I saw BIGBANG, I admired this (music) world.”
[Q.What was the ‘star’ to you when you were young?] “Michael Jackson and BIGBANG.”
[Q.The 1st album you bought?] “‘Blue’ (single) of BIGBANG whom I’ve always admired.”

369.JO1 Ohira Shosei: “At BIGBANG’s concerts, everything is performed live, it’s all live. That’s why the members do what they want, and the group members tune in, so their concerts are unique. Isn’t that what makes BIGBANG strong?”

370.JO1 Sato Keigo: [Q. Who are the artists you respect?] “BIGBANG. Their singing and dance are unique. We’ve learned a lot from them. They are the people we look up to.”

371.JO1 Sho Yanoshiro: “It would be great if we could express our individuality while showing the charm of BIGBANG.”

372.Johnny’s WEST Kamiyama Tomohiro: “It was after I listened to Kpop that my desire to do music became very strong. I’ve been listening to BIGBANG’s music all the time. G-Dragon, wrote and composed most of their songs, so I fell in love with EDM.”

373.Joong Archen Aydin [-Favorite singer] “G-Dragon.”

374.Joss Way-Ar Sangngern: [Q. Kpop you listen to recently?] “BIGBANG and Dean.”
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

375.Jovane Pjy: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG] “💯”

376.Kacha Nontanun: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG] “WowwwwwW”

377.Kaew Jarinya Sirimongkolsakul: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG] “😭😭😭”

378.Kana Kita: “I’m studying Korean because I like BIGBANG.”

379.Karik: “I’m still waiting for the day he (GD) comes back to stir Asia.”
“Jinusean and Bigbang are 2 names associated with my youth. Not only their music but also their intelligence. They’ve influenced many other Asian artists!”
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG] “A whole 1 sky of memories”

380.Kevin Mchale [QRT’ed a tweet announcing GD’s comeback: “F*ck. Yes.”]

381.Leila Masamoto: [Q. What made you want to enter the entertainment world?] “I’ve liked BIGBANG since I was in high school, and when I wanted to see them closer, I thought I should join the show business too!”

382.Leon Dozan:
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]: “BIGBANG, the kings of K-POP!”

383.LIL LEAGUE Okao Matora: [Q.Which artist/song made you fall in love with music?] “BIGBANG.”
“The people with the star quality are Kazuma Kawamura and BIGBANG.”

384.Lin Chia Wei: “I like BIGBANG, so wanted to be a rapper.” (*)
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG] “BIGBANG is Back 🔥🔥🔥”

385.Lin Yun: “My idol is BIGBANG G-Dragon. This cloth is what he wore. I’m happy when I wear this as he did.”

386.Liu Yuxin: “The artist I respect the most is G-Dragon. He’s not only a rapper, but also a singer&a music composer. He has quite a diverse set of identities. He has some kind of aura that other people don’t have. He’s a role model that I aspire to be. I like him so much.”

387.M!LK Jutaro Yamanaka: [Q.The person you look up to?] “I’ve always admired BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. He is the person who made me enter this world, so I would like to meet him someday while continuing this work.”
[Q. Is there a person you want to be like?] “BIGBANG’s G-Dragon! Ever since I saw their live performance, I’ve a yearning for everything of him, including fashion!”
[Q. Why did you start your entertainment activities in earnest?] “Since I’ve always liked BIGBANG, I thought, ‘It would be amazing to be on stage. I want to be like them too.”

388.M4M Yubin: [Q.Role model] “CNBLUE and BIGBANG.”

389.MADKID/IVVY Kento.i: “The artists who influenced me are BIGBANG and iKON. Listening to the music of these two groups made me want to become a talented artist.”

390.MADKID Yuki: “BIGBANG has a huge impact on me. Not only my music but also my fashion and makeup changed 180 degrees after them.”

391.Mai Am Nhac: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG] “Angels”

392.Makoto Hiejima: [Q. How do you relax?] “I just sleep without setting the alarm, and then I go to the hot spring and drive by myself without deciding where to go. It’s refreshing to sing BIGBANG songs loudly in the car.”

393.Mega Shinnosuke: “For some reason, I didn’t listen to it until my sophomore year of high school. In the end, I was hooked on RADWIMPS, Gen Hoshino, Ringo Shiina, and BIGBANG. I only listened to about four of them.”

394.Meen Nichakoon Khajornborirak [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

395.MEW (Suppasit Jongcheveevat) [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

396.Michiyo Ho [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG]

397.Mike Chinnarat: [Q.What Kpop groups do you like?] “SNSD, BIGBANG, BLACKPINK”
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

398.Moon Lee Choi-Fung: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG] “✨🧁☹️”

399.mzsrz Yosei: [Q.Why did you want to become a singer?] “It was when I went to BIGBANG’s concert. I was so excited & energized that I realized how wonderful the music entertainment is&I wanted to become a singer who could add color to someone’s life. They’re giving everything they have. Even when I’m not feeling well, listening to BIGBANG’s songs really cheers me up.”

400.Nad Zainal: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her] “OMG!! My dears!!! yayy!!!”

401.Nadine Lustre:  “I love BIGBANG, 2NE1 and Winner.”

402.Narupornkamol Chaisang [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG]

403.Newyear Kitiwhut Sawutdimilin: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG] “THE BEST”

404.NEXT Huang Xin Chun: “My idol is Kwon Jiyong.”
*he updated his Weibo header with PEACEMINUSONE logo*

405.NIK Mitsui Ryo: “I looked up to BIGBANG seniors, and when I was in college, I chased my dreams and decided to participate in the program.”

406.NINE by NINE James: [Q. Biggest inspiration in your life?] “Justin Bieber, Harry Styles, Jennie, G-Dragon.”

407.Nguyen Van Toan [He said his favorite group is BIGBANG and he specially likes G-Dragon]

408.Noa Kazama: “G-Dragon is my all time role model.”
[Q. Who did you particularly admire in BIGBANG?] “G-Dragon. As an artist and in terms of fashion. I admired him in many ways. I always admired BIGBANG, so I wanted to debut in a group with various colors and musicality.”
“BIGBANG is like my origin, and I look up to them.”
“I saw BIGBANG on TV and thought ‘I want to be like these people.’ So, BIGBANG was the reason I started making music.”
“G-Dragon’s always been my role model. Not only the music he makes, but the fact that everything he does is a trend itself is amazing. There are so many things that only he can do. So I really respect him and think he’s cool. “
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG] “👑”

409.Novel Core: “I like the style of G-Dragon and Jay Park, so I want to incorporate dance like they do.”

410.Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

411.OCTPATH Kose Naoki: [Q. Who do you admire and respect the most?] “BIGBANG’s G-DRAGON and my mother.” 

412.Oniyakko Tsubaki: [How did you fall in love with KPop?] “I was introducedto BIGBANG’s GaraGaraGo!MV. Everything about’em felt new.Before that,I didn’t listen to KPop at all. It was impressive that the vid changed at a tempo I’d never seen before.”

413.Oranicha Krinchai [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG] 

414.ORβIT Uehara Jun: [Q. Favorite Kpop artist?] “BIGBANG.”

415.OWV Nakagawa Katsunari: “BIGBANG’s the one who impressed me and made me want to become like them.I especially like GD-san. They’re a group that’s loved by a wide range of generations. They also get support of the people of the same gender. We want to be like them.”
[Q. The artist you respect] “BIGBANG. I admired those people and wanted to enter this world. When I saw the audience at the venue at their concert, I thought it would be amazing to see an artist with a wide range of age groups, young and old, men and women, who are liked by all kinds of people. Of course I liked him, and I wanted to become an artist who’s also liked by the people of the same gender.”
“What had a strong influence on my life was the live concert of BIGBANG. They are supported by both males and females. They are very charismatic and are really cool. After watching BIGBANG’s concert, I longed for this path.”

416.OWV Sano Fumiya: [Q. Future goals?] “I hope that we can become a group that influences fashion and lifestyle. I have a dream of being like BIGBANG-san. I want to become an iconic figure that people can look up to regardless of gender or age.”

417.PERSES Jung: “I like BIGBANG since forever. They’ve individuallity and their performance is lit.”

418.PERSES Krittin: “Me too, I like BIGBANG. I watched their performance. The feeling they sent to my heart.. So fun and I also like their music.”

419.PERSES Nay: “I also like BIGBANG. Their style andcharacters are different and interesting.”

420.Phuong Ly [She’s a huge fan of GD. She even released a MV named ‘Missing You’ on GD’s birthday and used GD-related items in it, she constanly shares about GD and PMO, even wears matching accessories with GD]
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG and FB] : “STILL LIFE tears, tears huhuuhu” (*)

421.Ploi Horwang [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG]

422.PRIKIL Rin: [Q.What made you want to become an artist?] “When I saw G-Dragon-san on TV, I started aiming to be an artist.”

423.PROXIE Henry (Onglee) [The article states:] “His favorite artists are BTS Jimin, BIGBANG G-Dragon and Justin Bieber.”

424.Rizky Firdaus Wijaksana [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

425.Ryosuke Yamamoto: [Q. Is there someone you’re influenced by their fashion?] “I would say G-Dragon -san. It’s not a fashion that can be imitated but I was referring to things like color combinations.”

426.S**T KINGZ Oguri: [Q. When did u start feeling the influence of KPOP?] “BIGBANG was the 1st. There were Korean artists like BoA&TVXQ but there was a strong impression that they were artists who sang in Japanese,& the word K-POP was still unfamiliar.”

427.Sadaoka Yuho: [talks his complex about his skin&how he started wearing makeup]
“At that time I met BIGBANG. It was rare&beautiful to see men wearing makeup. It gave me a sense that I might look cool if I put on makeup. I want to be as pretty as BIGBANG!” 

428.Sasha Banks: [After the interviewer asked her about GD] “Oh cute! But Taeyang is way cuter.” 
[Q. It’s your favorite band, right?] “Yes, BIGBANG, oh my gosh.” 
[Q. If you could have 1 anime series with you, 1 K-Pop album and 1 movie.. what would they be?] “K-Pop album.. maybe BIGBANG? I love Taeyang, oh he’s so cute.”

429.Sam Concepcion: “My favorite Kpop group? There’s only one, and I’m gonna stay true to BIGBANG the OGs. Nothing can compare to BIGBANG and 2NE1, and that’s just the fact.” 

430.Saintsup (Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana): [Q. The artist you admire the most?] “I admire G-Dragon the most. There is something special with G-Dragon. Not just being a singer or a boy band, but as an artist himself.”
[Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

431.SB19 Josh: [Q. Role model?] “I personally like G-Dragon.”
“I look up to G-Dragon.”
[Q.Korean style icon?] “G-Dragon.”

432.SB19 Felip: “I’m a huge fan of groups whose members have their own different identities. Each BIGBANG member is unique, so they can be easily distinguished from one another.”
[Q.Bias] “Daesung and GD.”

433.SB19 Pablo (Sejun): [Q. Who’s your inspiration?] “I personally, love G-Dragon. He is an all-rounder, from singing, dancing, rapping, to producing. And he’s a good sense of fashion. It’s like he has everything..”
“I started to love K-Pop thanks to BIGBANG.”

434.Sakonrat Woraurai [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG]

435.SixTONES Jesse: [Q.1st CD u bought] “BIGBANG Gara Gara GO! They were guests on M.Station. I was dancing&saw them live on TV. Despite Johnny Kitagawa was there, I said BIGBANG is so cool!I still sing it including rap at karaoke. I like GD & T.O.P. a lot. BB has individuality..”

436.SKY-HI: “I think a group that can’t be measured by the standards existed in Japan will be born. It’s 15 years late but I think it’ll have the same impact as when BIGBANG came out. Whether or not we can achieve commercial success like BIGBANG.”
“I had a vague sense of it, I really believed that a cool boy group could change the performing art (in the industry) from the very core. K-pop’s success story is just like that. What I felt most when BIGBANG was born was that G-Dragon and T.O.P were good at rapping, and also good at creativity and artistry. They are the artists with artistic talents behind the scenes.”

437.SNOW MAN Hikaru:
“My starting point is that I thought rap was cool partly because of G-Dragon’s influence. He doesn’t only rap, he sings other parts as well and I like it.I thought he had a cool, slightly badass vibe, so I found myself in charge of rapping.”

438.Son Tung M-TP: “I like G-Dragon in particular and BIGBANG in general.”
*his fashion and some of tattoos were also inspired by GD’s

439.SPECIAL NIGHT Karin: “The artist I respect the most is BIGBANG. I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old. I’ve loved them since I was in elementary school. I admire G-Dragon because he’s strong as a leader.”

440.SPiN S. Sakura: [Q.What made you want to become an artist?] “I’ve been watching BIGBANG’s MV&DVDs and dancing. When I was in the 5th grade, I saw BIGBANG’s live performance, which made me want to stand on stage as a performer& I auditioned.”

441.SUPER DRAGON Hyoma Ikeda: “When I was in elementary school, I started listening to BIGBANG who my parents liked. And when I saw G-Dragon’s ‘Who You?’ MV, he was going to hold a concert. So I went to the concert and fell in love with him.”

442.Taichi Mukai: [Q.Which artist made you realize the presence of K-Pop in Japan?] “BIGBANG and 2NE1. I really liked them.”

443.TangoZ (Zhong Qi): [he imitated GD’s gestures at an event he explained ‘how to be like GD’ in a video] “When GD laughs, he covers his mouth with different areas of his hand. When he smiles, he covers his mouth with 1 finger. When he’s about to show his teeth, he covers his mouth with his left hand.”
“Happy birthday, G-Dragon! Make sure to pay attention to your health management.. Don’t release a song now because I’m afraid of the impact. No matter what, you’ll always be a superstar. I saw your concert before, hope to see it again! Looking forward to the new album.”

444.TEMPT Gun (Napat Na Ranong): [Q.Favorite artist] “The 1975, BodySlam, G-Dragon.”

445.TEMPT Perth (Perth Tanapon) [The article states:] “His favorite artist is G-Dragon.” (*)

446.Thanaerng (Kanyawee Songmuang) [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG]

447.THE RAMPAGE Ata Ryutaro: “Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. I love the melody and lyrics.”

448.THE RAMPAGE Hasegawa Makoto: [Q.What’s your favorite love song?]
“BIGBANG’s Haru Haru. I am moved by the lyrics full of feelings for her who died of illness.”

449.THE RAMPAGE Urakawa Shohei: “My hobby is karaoke. When I go there, I don’t let go of the microphone . My favorite song is BIGBANG’s ‘MY Heaven.'”

450.Thu Trang [her husband Tien Luat: “I worry about 1 thing, if my wife acts with a Korean.. she’s crazy. Especially about handsome guys like Hyun Bin and G-Dragon. If G-Dragon were to ask her (about acting together), she would be ready immediately.”]
[She photoshopped herself in GD’s photo]

451.Trinh Thang Binh: [Shared Still Life on his FB]: “Our common favorite idol just released a song.. Our Story..”

452.TRINITY Porsche: “I’ve been to a lot of concerts of BIGBANG and IU. I went to study them, and had fun.”

453.Toec Tien: [Shared ‘Still Life’ on her IG] “Yesterday my eyes were swollen after ‘2521’, today they’re swollen because of you guys.. not even 1 common frame is available”

454.Tsukasa Saito: “When I became interested in BIGBANG 6-7 years ago, I only watched BIGBANG. Since then I gradually expanded my base to the present. ”
“I was asked if I was very familiar with K-POP, that wasn’t the case at all. Certainly I like it and listen to it a lot, but I like G-Dragon rather than K-POP. I always listen to BIGBANG and I’m euphoric about Jiyong.”
“G-Dragon is by far the most charismatic. His stance is ‘Try to imitate if you can.’ So, when people imimates him, he’s already the next stage. I was blown away by his overwhelming confidence and charisma.”

455.Tsuyoshi Furukawa: “The balance between the catchy charm of an idol and the creative side of the members centering on the absolute existence of G-DRAGON is exquisite. I think BIGBANG are truly stars.”
“G-Dragon’s always at the forefront of the times. While it’s common for fans to imitate the outfits of certain artists, BIGBANG have a different meaning. GD &each of the members have solid backgrounds. It’s a one of a kind existence.”

456.Tyga: “I recently learned about a girl group called BLACKPINK, and I know G-Dragon is very good.”

457.UNINE / UNIQ Li Wen Han: “My first concert was BIGBANG’s. I watched about 10 shows of BIGBANG in a row at that time.”

458.UNINE Xia Hanyu
[Q. Didn’t your idol G-Dragon grew his hair like this before?] Hanyu: “Yes!”
Chunyang: “Hanyu is imitating him!”
Wenhan: “He’s Xia-Dragon.”
[He has the same tattoos as GD’s]

459.Vachirawit Chivaaree (Bright): “G Dragon is my role model.”
“I really listen to BIGBANG songs a lot. I also listen to some songs of other groups.”

460.Van Mai Huong: [Shared ‘Still Life’-T.O.P.’s scene] “My husband, I’m fainting.”‘Still Life’ I’m shedding tears”

461.Vice Ganda: “(GD) is the cutest, he’s the most fashionable person, he’s just so chic and trendy.”

462.Wang Hao Xuan: “Happy birthday, my idol (G-Dragon).”
(After BIGBANG’s comeback announcement) “The flowers are blooming again. Thank you.”
“Thank you for ‘Still Life’ VIP forever.”
He said he’s a huge fan of G-Dragon, and asked Lisa to show G-Dragon his performance.
“I want to make more explosive music like GD.”
He participated in ‘Rap of China’ (similar to SMTM) with a song named ‘W-Dragon’ and called himself ‘China’s G-Dragon’ in the lyrics
*He called himself ‘China’s GD/Chinese G-Dragon’ so many times*

463.Wang Jiu Long: “He (G-Dragon) is a great inspiration to me. Thinking about him.. I have a little too much to say! Without him, I could not have succeeded in losing weight! Without him, I might not be as happy as I am now! In my heart, he is the king! He is the god!”

464.Wang Rui Chang: [Interviewer: I know you are a fan of G-Dragon] “I like G-Dragon so much.”

465.WATWING Furuhata Ryo: [Q. Your musical roots and favorite genre?] “I respect BIGBANG.”
“The starting point for me to do this activity now is the members of BIGBANG. Among them, I like G-Dragon and Taeyang the most. I find their artistry to be really cool & their existence inspires me to improve myself even more.”
“There are 2 groups that have influenced my life. 1st of all,the world-famous artist BIGBANG. When I saw their work, an electric shock ran through my body, and it’s still an unforgettable feeling. And the other group is S**t Kingz.”

466.WayV YangYang: “I really like BIGBANG’s songs. Even before I came to Korea to become a trainee, I already listened to their music. This is their 1st comeback in 4 years. Their songs are all really good. They are all hit songs.”

467.W-INDS Keita: “BIGBANG debuted under such circumstances.When I learned they’re popular,I immediately checked the MV& felt a sense of crisis at how cool they’re.If more&more groups like them appeared,I thought that Japan would be completely inferior in terms of singing&dancing”

468.Yamada Yuki: “Girls Generation and BIGBANG are the ones I’ve been listening to since their debut in Korea.”

469.YBRAP [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG] (*)

470.Yuki Ogoe: “When I watched BIGBANG’s ‘Fantastic Baby’ MV, I was shocked to see them dancing in a really cool fashion. I also liked their performance, so I was attracted to them.”

471.XG Harvey:[Q.The artist who is a role model to you?] “G-Dragon and BLACKPINK.”

472.Zee Pruk (Pruk Panich): [Fan: “Hi brother.”] “Hi, oh, Haru. I miss BIGBANG’s songs, Haru Haru.” 
[Shared ‘Last Dance’ on his IG]

473.Zi Wang (Prince Chiu) [Shared ‘Still Life’ on his IG]

The lists above are updated!
Wooyoung, Jimin, Solbin, Jun, Soyu, Lee Know
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I really like Big Bang even though I’m years to late To be a VIP as I was 27 when they debuted but I have too say I love the songs and I really love Taeyangs singing too he’s got a beautiful voice. Great guy really humble really talented they all are and he is a role model and so genuine and charming. He is my fave in the group also g dragon as well I wasn’t expecting to like this sort of music but I did. Cannot stop listening too them I can see why they have so many k pop idol fans. They paved the way for other younger idol groups and many look uptoo to these guys.
Not surprising. They are loved by the general public. No matter if they come back or not. Even other celebrities call G-Dragon the celebrity of celebrities. I hope kpoppies who say Bigbang is irrelevant saw those articles. Must be painful for them


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