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Selecting the right coworking management software for your business depends on your specific requirements and objectives. Each of these software solutions offers a unique set of features and benefits.
As the coworking industry continues to experience significant growth, operators and managers are faced with numerous challenges, including optimizing their space, managing memberships, processing payments, overseeing amenities, building a collaborative community, and strengthening their brand.  
These tasks can be time-consuming and take away from the ultimate goal of creating a thriving coworking environment and fostering customer loyalty. Thankfully, coworking apps have emerged as a solution to simplify and streamline operations, allowing hub owners to focus on what matters most: building a successful business. 
According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, automation of repetitive aspects can save six or more hours a week — almost a full workday. 
However, with so many coworking space management software options available, it can be difficult to determine whether investing in a white-label app is worthwhile and which software will best meet the needs of your coworking space. 
We’ve compiled a list of five of the top modern coworking software options from major players, each carefully selected for its unique features and functionality. So, whether you’re a coworking space manager looking to simplify your operations or an entrepreneur considering entering the coworking industry, this guide is here to help you make an informed decision. 
Efficiently managing a coworking space should be easy, and that’s exactly what andcards aims to help operators do. This innovative coworking space management software provides an intuitive and unified platform across both web and mobile apps, making it the only system on the market that enables managing a coworking space through a smartphone. This feature alone can elevate admins’ productivity to new heights. 
andcards is designed with a focus on simplicity, allowing even non-tech-savvy customers to quickly learn how to use the platform. As a coworking space admin, you’ll have access to essential features like:  
Additionally, andcards offers features that help keep your community engaged and connected, such as: 
One of the most notable features of andcards is its native, intuitive interface design that requires zero training for admins and customers. In fact, 95% of members book meeting rooms and desks on andcards by themselves without requiring the admin’s help. The white-label app can be used by all parties involved in the coworking process, including members, non-members, event attendees, visitors, and even administrators. This is probably the only coworking space platform that frees administrators from desktops by enabling them to perform absolutely the same tasks on mobile. 
andcards also boasts outstanding customer support, with 98% of its customers praising the unrivaled support they’ve received in Trustpilot and Capterra reviews.  
With free 24/7 chat and email support for all plans, a dedicated account manager who will ensure you go live with the web app within an hour of signing up, and less than two minutes of support response time, you’ll feel well taken care of. Regular training and webinars unveiling the secrets of efficient coworking space management further demonstrate the company’s customer-centric approach.
Nexudus is a comprehensive all-in-one platform and CRM designed for managing and promoting coworking, flexible workspaces, and hybrid workplaces. With a wide range of features and tools, Nexudus enables you to streamline your operations and automate your workflow, allowing you to save time while growing your client network and building a professional community around your space. 
One of the standout features of Nexudus is its email newsletter service. With this tool, you can send personalized emails and campaigns to segmented audiences, helping you to stay connected with your members and keep them informed about the latest news, events, and offerings at your space.  
While many coworking centers may use external email marketing services like Mailchimp, having an in-built tool within a coworking app can add value to your offering. 
In addition, Nexudus provides seven mobile apps that aim to enhance the experience for members and automate daily tasks associated with running a flexible workspace. These apps cover a variety of activities, from keeping members engaged to contactless check-ins, helping you to increase efficiency and improve member satisfaction. 
Nexudus also offers the ability to create custom pages on the Members Portal using static or dynamic templates, depending on your web development expertise. This feature allows you to easily display information to your members or develop interactive content for more engaging experiences. 
To help you get the most out of this sophisticated platform, Nexudus provides extensive training through Nexudus Academy, a course designed to help you unlock the full potential of their white-label solution. With this training, you can gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively manage and promote your coworking or flexible workspace while utilizing the full range of features and tools offered by Nexudus.
Cobot offers a comprehensive solution for coworking spaces and office hubs globally. Its user-friendly interface allows for the efficient management of various tasks such as:   
By using its white-label technology, you can personalize the platform with your own branding and select the features that best suit your business requirements. 
Originally developed to eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets, Cobot has been helping coworking spaces worldwide streamline their operations for several years. Although there are no mobile apps associated with Cobot at the moment, users can access their data through a cloud-based web solution. 
Key features of Cobot include a 30-day free trial that allows coworking operators to test its core features before committing to long-term or expensive obligations. Additionally, Cobot’s API platform tool enables seamless integration with various third-party tools such as project management apps, payment processing applications, and social networking software solutions. 
Cobot’s white-label member portal offers complete customization of members’ experiences. This includes adding logos, custom colors, custom domains, and more at no extra cost. With a focus on providing efficient and flexible solutions for coworking space management, Cobot is a possible option for coworking space operators seeking to streamline their operations.
4. OfficeRnD
OfficeRnD is an advanced workspace management software that offers a comprehensive set of features to help office centers and flexible workspaces manage their customers, resources, and contracts. With OfficeRnD, administrators can: 
Additionally, its Contract Management feature acts as a central hub for collecting relevant information on managed workspace members. 
One of the most prominent features of OfficeRnD is the Floor Plans tool, which allows for the visualization of office layouts and resource allocation. Although this functionality is more essential for office centers than coworking spaces due to the latter’s need for an agile environment, coworking space owners can still request changes to their floor plans from the software provider when necessary. 
Another essential feature of OfficeRnD is its custom built-in Customer Relationship Management function, which helps manage potential customers of the workspace community while collecting data on their desired target audience within particular channels. Furthermore, OfficeRnD provides an automated contracts management system that takes care of billing and contract-related problems, making it an ideal solution for office space management.
5. Optix
Optix is a flexible workspace management solution that offers a wide range of features to support coworking, hybrid, and flexible workspaces. As a result, it can be a good solution for companies that know the benefits of remote access and help their employees stay flexible with the workplaces.
With its white-label mobile apps, CRM capabilities, and customizable resource types, Optix offers a comprehensive suite of tools that cater to the needs of modern coworking businesses. Some of its key features include: 
Although Optix is relatively expensive compared to some of its competitors, it offers excellent value for money and is a good option for shared workspace owners. 
One of the standout features of Optix is its mobile apps for members, which provide a seamless and intuitive user experience for booking and managing resources. These apps are available exclusively for members, which means that space managers won’t be able to control the space on the go.  
Optix also offers real-time resource management, including the ability to book and assign any type of resource you’d like to offer, such as desk booking, meeting room booking, private office assignment, equipment booking, parking reservation, and more. Additionally, Optix provides a marketplace to market and sell products and services, all available through a custom mobile app experience. 
Optix’s white-glove onboarding for all plans and a dedicated success manager add-on make it a good solution for shared workspace owners who need extra support and guidance.  
However, it’s worth noting that Optix’s branding options are relatively limited compared to some of its competitors. Nevertheless, its extensive feature set and user-friendly mobile apps make it an attractive option for coworking spaces and flexible workspaces of all sizes. 
Selecting the right coworking management software for your business depends on your specific requirements and objectives. Each of the solutions mentioned above offers a unique set of features and benefits.  
For instance, if you’re looking for a comprehensive yet easy-to-use platform for admins and members, andcards is a great option to consider. If you prioritize floor plan visualization and contract management, OfficeRnD may be the way to go.  
Ultimately, take the time to evaluate the features and capabilities of each software and choose the one that aligns best with your business needs and budget. 
Helga Moreno is an advocate of flexible work styles and a lover of luxury coworking centers. She has a passion for spreading the word about cutting-edge coworking space management software that makes these hubs enjoyable to use. Her knowledge in this area is vast, and she aims to keep up with the latest flex space industry trends.
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