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Dawn French’s celebrity impression is so accurate and might even beat that one time she imitated Catherine Zeta-Jones. The star shared an Instagram post dressed up alongside the much-loved TV presenter and it’s uncanny!
Just when you thought Dawn French’s ‘new boyfriend’ broke the internet – her latest post, mimicking Claudia Winkleman, has sent fans wild.
It looks like TV legend, royal relative, and Strictly Come Dancing host Claudia is in on the joke as the two are photographed together. Dawn French’s grey hairstyle is obscured with a dark wig, her face with lashings of the best instant tan, and Claudia’s signature heavy eyeliner.
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It appears that Dawn French’s celebrity impression is in aid of Red Nose Day, which will air on March 17, as she captioned her post, “coming soon…#traitors #comicrelief.”
“Amazing. I can’t believe the likeness,” commented one fan.
Claudia also shared the image on her own Instagram account with the comment, “can I just add I will never get over this. Dawn is my hero.”
In response, Dawn commented, “I love you. Deal with it x.”
Claudia is related, by marriage, to the Royal Family. Her half-sister Sophie Winkleman, aka Lady Frederick Windsor, is a member of The Firm’s inner circle and was recently revealed to be the Royal Family member in Belgravia Season 2.
This poses the question – did Dawn mention her particularly awkward run-in with Claudia’s distant relative King Charles? The Daily Star reported ack in February 2022, while appearing on The Graham Norton Show, the comedian discussed the rather iffy moment when one was not amused by her cheeky innuendo.
“I played Mr and Mrs Beaver in the Narnia films, and there was a big premiere at the Royal Albert Hall with Prince Charles,” recounted the star. “He came up the row and began meeting us all and there’s a picture of me meeting him, like ‘ooooh.'”
“And in fact, he was asking me what I did in the film and I said ‘tonight your royal highness, you will see my beaver,” she explained as the audience howled with laughter.
“I just smiled at him and he sort of twinkled at me and then moved on very very quickly like there was a bad smell…”
This may have been decidedly un-royal behavior but what more would we expect from one of the UK’s most beloved funny women? As a star of international renown, Dawn has partaken in many skits with her comedy partner Jennifer Saunders as well as on her own.
Throughout her career, Dawn has played real-life stars and characters including Harry Potter, Madonna, Kim Kardashian, and a pretty unforgettable Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Many of these skits featured in French and Saunders, a BBC series that ran from 1987 to 2017, but some of the most notable examples featured in the annual charity event Red Nose Day, in aid of Comic Relief.
The event sees stars be ‘funny for money’ and was founded in 1985 by the legendary rom-com writer and director Richard Curtis and Dawn’s ex-husband, comedian Lenny Henry.
Even after the dissolution of their marriage – Dawn still remains a stalwart of the TV fundraiser and, following this sneak peek, it looks like this year will be an absolute riot.
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